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Mendocino County Inland Water & Power Commission


Protecting Mendocino County's Water Supply, for Today and for Tomorrow.

The Mendocino County Inland Water and Power Commission (IWPC)—a Joint Powers Authority representing the County of Mendocino, City of Ukiah, Redwood Valley County Water District, Potter Valley Irrigation District and the Mendocino County Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District—was formed in 1996. The people of the region recognized the importance of the Russian and Eel Rivers as valuable resources vital to economic development, environmental quality and general well-being of the constituents that use this water.

Member agencies recognize that a united voice is required when it comes to issues relating to the raising of Coyote Dam, protection of our water rights, and the viability of the Potter Valley Project.

In October 2005, IWPC signed a Coyote Valley Dam Feasibility Study agreement with the Department of the Army Corps of Engineers to become the local sponsor for the study. The goal was to determine a way to provide additional storage at Lake Mendocino, as currently only one year’s worth of water use is captured behind the dam.

Additionally, IWPC is a participant in all issues related to the Potter Valley Project, as this source of water is vital to thousands of people below the project and is needed to sustain agriculture and fisheries in Mendocino and Sonoma counties.

The IWPC meetings are open to the public and held on the second Thursday of each month, at 6 pm. (Check here for the monthly agenda packet). Many water topics relative to our region, in addition to those mentioned above, are discussed at the meetings, including frost water protection, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, new and recycled water projects, state water bond issues, proposed reservoir operation improvements and associated state bills, State Water Resources Control Board actions and full reports on other pertinent water-related meetings.

IWPC Member Agencies

Meet the five member agencies that comprise IWPC. Together we recognize that a strong united voice is required to successfully represent our shared interests in vital issues, including the raising of Coyote Dam, protection of our water rights, and the viability of the Potter Valley Project. 


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