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Mendocino County Water Supply


Find Resources on Mendocino Water Supply Including the Potter Valley Project

This page contains valuable resources for those wishing to go deeper in their studies regarding the Potter Valley Project, Scott Dam, Coyote Valley Dam, and other issues impacting Mendocino County's water supply. Our commissioners at the Mendocino County Inland Water & Power Supply Commission (IWPC) care deeply about the future of our community and the well-being of our residents. We'll update this page in the future with news and studies that help you stay informed and prepared for the future. For more information about your water supply, contact Mendocino County IWPC today.

The Economic Impacts of Water and Agricultural Industries: Inland Mendocino County


Preliminary Results for Raising Coyote Valley Dam

Prepared for: Mendocino County Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District

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Mendocino County Water Supply

Additional Resources 

Use These Resources to Stay Current on Mendocino County's Water Supply

Check Sonoma County Water Agency's website for current water supply level data on Lake Sonoma and Lake Mendocino. 

Check here for current water supply level data on Lake Pillsbury. 

Visit PG&E's website for more information on relicensing the Potter Valley Project. 

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